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Be sure to bring in your car wash receipt within 24 hours for 10% off in the liquor store! 

Lucky's new automated touchless carwash was opened May 19, 2016. This state of the art car wash has a powerful side and underbody spray to make sure all dirt, salt, and road tar is cleared from your vehicle. Once inside sit back and relax while our car wash does the work for you! Our automated car wash attendant keeps you updated on the progress of your car wash. After your car wash is complete you will pass through our seven powerful blowers, with over thirteen vents to ensure every inch of your vehicle gets equal attention!

Here at Lucky's we understand life moves fast and we need to move faster. To be more efficient we have streamlined your car wash experience. After you clean the outside, be sure to pull up to one of our high powered vacuum stations. Equipped with long hoses to make sure you get to every nook and cranny. A mat station to clean your floor mats comfortably, and a trash can so you don't have to go far! 

Join the Lucky's VIP Wash Pass. with this membership you get access to unlimited car washes monthly. This package also comes with a RFID tag so our car wash can get you in faster. Stop in for more details.

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